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Nama:Buzzfeed Employees are Scared of a Bridge
Durasi:11 mnt 12 dtk
Dipublikasikan:11 November 2017
Description::The alternate title for this was "Buzzfeed employees are susceptible to demons and shitting themselves because of a bridge right next to the fucking road" but I thought that might be too long of a title.

S/o to Dakota for helping me out with this video!

I do not monetize my videos. Any adds you may see are due to copyright claims. S/o to Empire, 88rising, and Brian Imanuel for the lovely transition music :-)

Song - Glow Like Dat

Have I told you guys that Chex Cereal is very delicious?

Buzzfeed's Video:


Comment "THERE'S A F U C K I N G ROAD" if you read this :-)))))

p.s. I don't actually dislike Ryan or Shane!!! This was only for entertainment!
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