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Dipublikasikan:01 Oktober 2018
Description::Watch the Full Episode of INSIDE KHABIB MCGREGOR.
ALL videos on this channel are protected by the the legal doctrine labelled 'Fair Use' in the law of the United States of America. This channel is based in the U.S.A and falls under ALL 4 Factors of Fair Use. Footage is extensively edited, storytelling narration is added and the nature is completely transformed.

1. Purpose and character of the use:
These videos advance the knowledge of viewers about the sport of boxing, providing in depth narration in a definitive trans-formative way. Video footage has been edited extensively, completely re-defining how this footage is used in comparison to it's origin.

2. Nature of the copyrighted work:
These videos analyse the facts and ideas of the sport of boxing, providing great detail into the lives of boxers and their journeys.
The expression and fixation of boxing fights and boxing training has been transformed extensively in these videos to tell viewers a new story.

3. Amount and substantiality:
The use of this footage has been limited to only what is necessary, and the copying of this footage is done with the purpose of time-shifting, which is protected under Fair Use.

4. Effect upon work's value:
The use of copyright footage has NO NEGATIVE EFFECT on the the copyright holder, these videos are additionally promotional videos (of boxers and/or fights), which means the more people who view these videos will yield a profound positive impact on the copyright holder as they will in turn indirectly gain more viewers. No profit is lost and no reputation is tarnished from the use of this footage.

This is free promotion for the UFC, no profit is lost with the posting of this video.

Massive credits to Will Harris for allowing me to use his footage on Khabib. He is doing an excellent series for this fight and you can check it out by searching 'Anatomy of a fighter' on YouTube!

Also credits to NOMAN for allowing me to use his amazing song, seen at the beginning of this video.

Also credits to Shelly Fairchild for her great cover of 'Muddy Waters'

Also credits to 2WEI for their excellent trailer cover, seen at the end of the video

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