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Nama:Body Language: John Kuckian vs Peter Monn
Durasi:14 mnt 19 dtk
Dipublikasikan:28 Desember 2017
Description::***STRICTLY MY OPINION***

This video is about John Kuckian's claims that he was harassed and bullied by Peter Monn, a popular YouTuber. In John's video he repeatedly calls Peter a pedophile as well.


Peter's Response Video:


Left Brain/Right Brain Thinkers Myth:

Duping Delight:

***Keep in mind Body Language alone will not be a 100% way of knowing whether or not someone is lying, but it CAN be a big tell.***

I meant no ill intent to John Kuckian or anyone else mentioned in this video.

Edumuhcation Creds to Bombard's Body Language:

Twitter: @YT_Reagan
Instagram: @lightwemade
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