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Nama:Only 2 Days All Chili with Media Planting Debt and Cocopeat Shirts
Durasi:6 mnt 45 dtk
Dipublikasikan:06 Desember 2018
Description::The seeding of cayenne includes arguably difficult difficulty, because there are so many farmers, failing in seeding ... good seeding will affect the future of the chili ..

There are so many who fail in the process of finding chillies, such as, withered chili, stem rot chili, yellowing chili, or chili not sprout or chili not grow roots ...

Therefore, from the seedlings of chilies Rawit and Curly and often fail when they are seeded ... maybe a little share of knowledge from us to friends of all friends ... In order to facilitate the seeding process to more quickly see its development ...

Don't want it right? try to sift the chilli seeds on the ground or cocopeat ... already tired of tiredness in the morning and evening ... eh the results don't look like 15 daily ... it's very annoying right ...

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