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Nama:Top 10 Dangerous Animals in the World KING COBRA - Awesome Animals TV! - COREY WILD
Durasi:8 mnt 55 dtk
Dipublikasikan:26 Juni 2015
Description::King Cobra Venom Extraction - Awesome Animals TV - Corey Wild
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Adventure with Corey and learn about Deadly and Beautiful Wildlife Species throughout the World in an up close and personal style that's not for the faint of heart!
Some species we will encounter : Giant Crocodiles, Spitting Cobras, Komodo Dragons, Monkeys, Tarantulas, Centipedes, Bull Elephants, Vipers, underwater creatures, Rattlesnakes, River monsters, King Cobras, Flying Lizards and Snakes, Cassowaries, giant Pythons and much much MORE!
So stay tuned and don't try this at home.
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