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Nama:10 Disney Theories That Turn Into The Darkest Movies Ever
Durasi:9 mnt 29 dtk
Dipublikasikan:13 Juni 2017
Description::10 Movie Theories That Completely Change Disney Films
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Today we're going to permanently alter the way you once looked at these seemingly innocent Disney movies. If you want to keep your Disney innocence, then look away now; and go watch 10 most relatable Spongebob moments or something wholesome!

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Featured Movies:
10. Boo from Monsters Inc is the witch from Brave.
9. Emily from Toy Story 2 is actually Andy's mom.
8. Ariel may have found the sunken ship of the King and Queen of Arendelle.
7. Aladdin takes place in the far-off future.
6. Carl Fredricksen from UP is actually deceased
5. The Incredibles is just Atlas Shrugged
4. Belle was reading Aladdin
3. Each One of Poseidon’s Daughters Represents a Sea
2. Frozen and Tangled were at war and married to end it, making Elsa & Anna cousins with Rapunzel
1. Peter pan made a deal with the devil

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