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Nama:Lim Tean Unleashed Ep 2 PAP: All $ and No Sense!
Durasi:10 mnt 54 dtk
Dipublikasikan:14 Agustus 2018
Description::In this 2nd episode Lim Tean discusses money in Singapore and how the PAP have created a Tale of 2 Cities. He announces 2 of his own Core Principles for his party Peoples Voice, which is to return CPF at age 55 and to make Temasek and the GIC's transparent and accountable. He discusses how the PAP have not distanced themselves from the recent comments of Goh Chock Tong who said that ministers are not paid enough despite being the highest paid in the world. He also call out Straits Times and mainstream media for perpetuating Fake news by via omission.

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