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Nama:Harsh Criticism! Fahri Hamzah Accuses Freeport's Deal Was Forced, For Politic
Durasi:18 mnt 47 dtk
Dipublikasikan:17 Juli 2018
Description::DPR Deputy Speaker Fahri Hamzah considered that President Jokowi did not show ways as the Head of State in trying to return PT Freeport to Indonesia. According to Fahri, the announcement of Freeport's divestment also seemed to be speeded for political gain.

"How come a deal like this, conduct it quietly without using authority we can profit, pursue elections and candidacy and early in the morning have announced that we have gotten 51 percent even though it is only the HoA and nothing," said Fahri Hamzah on tvOne's ILC program with the topic "Divestment of Freeport: Profit or Loss?" on Tuesday July 17 2018.
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