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Nama:Family Feud 2015-2016 Season Recap (Part 1)
Durasi:90 mnt 24 dtk
Dipublikasikan:31 Januari 2016
Description::Well everybody, it's time to take a look back at part one of this season's recap. This season has some few changes on the set including the new faceoff podium, which now covered in LED lights and an all new scorer's table, which both of them was first introduced on Celebrity Family Feud in June 2015. We got some great and some dumbest answers and finally some full Fast Money gameplay. Stay Tuned, part 2 is coming up soon.

NOTE: Part 1 and 2 is from the first half of the season (September to November) and has ranged by # and letters A-L (Part 2 will be letters M-W WITH NO X, Y, AND Z in the next upload).
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